Water Delivery Services

cell/text: 503 509 0155



What does Water Delivery Services provide?

Bulk drinking (potable) water to your location for holding tanks and cisterns.  Water for spas, hot tubs and swimming pools.  Water for residential and agricultural uses.


Where does the water come from?

For your safety and protection we source our water from the nearest municipal water supply to your facility. 


How long will 1000 gallons of water last?

If you are conservative, allow 50 gallons of water per person, per day, for residential use. As an example: two people would require 100 gallons per day therefore 1000 gallons would suffice for approximately 9 days allowing for residual.


What does the service cost? 

We have a per load delivery charge that includes up to 1750 gallons of water delivered to your location. Our general service area encompasses a 30 mile radius from Stayton or Salem, Oregon.  Beyond this service area we charge an additional mileage fee.  Emergency hours fees apply.  Call us for pricing and scheduling your delivery!


What is a standard fill connection configuration for your container?

We connect to either a 2" male "camlock" for a bottom fill or a “sheep crook device” for top access fills.


Hot tubs,  Swimming Pools and  Livestock Tanks

Yes we fill hot tubs, swimming pools and livestock tanks!  We charge per each 1750 gallon load when delivering multiple loads all at the same place and time. We carry 200 feet of hose on our truck and can bring another 100 feet if necessary for those back yard hot tubs, pools, livestock and household tanks.



We accept cash, checks and card.  Payment is due at time of delivery.

For pricing and scheduling contact Water Delivery Services owner:  Colby Molan

cell /text: 503 509 0155

email: oregonwds@gmail.com

revised : 01/15/2024       subject to revision without notice